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OxyDrug is a new OP server with many different features which are in place to enhance your experience, such as: [list] [*]Overpowered kits [*]Three different classes! [list=a] [*]Feather Feet – receive no fall damage [*]Pyro Man – receive no fire or lava damage [*]Creepermune – receive no explosive damage [/list] [*]Ranking up system. You can rank-up through the following ranks: [list=a] [*]Dealer - $10,000 [*]Distributor - $30,000 [*]Cultivator - $100,000 [*]Smuggler - $500,000 [*]Lieutenant - $1,000,000 [*]Captain - $7,500,000 [*]Drug Lord - $25,000,000 [*]Heisenberg - $75,000,000 [/list] [/list] All ranks gain access to more homes, and a kit which is dedicated to their rank! [list] [*]Drugs which can be both sold and used! [/list] [list] [*]Voting system with epic rewards [*]Parkour, both easy and hard with rewards! [*]PvP Arena to battle your friends [*]GUI shop which enables you to purchase goods on the go! [*]Oxy the boss – an epic boss with great rewards [*]Quests to complete to gain different tags and rewards [/list]

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tallestguy67 15
RVLT82 14
apizzirusso 12
kozy 6
kozy 4
apizzirusso 3
Spooky_Pear 1
__Door__ 1
iLoveMyGirls 1
XxXeggheadXxX 1
Rvlt82 1

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