Purchase sponsored for your server and stand out over the others!

  • lightbulb_outlineWhat is a sponsored slot?
    Sponsored allows your server to be placed above the top voted servers, thus giving your server more attention to visitors!
  • lightbulb_outlineHow are the sponsored slots ordered?
    All slots are randomly rotated on page load to give each server a fair chance at the #1 slot!
  • lightbulb_outlineHow many sponsored slots do we allow?
    We allow a max of 6 slots to be purchased and shown at one time, therefore your server will always be shown!
  • lightbulb_outlineCan I combine sponsored and premium?
    Yes! If you want to stand out even more, you can purchase premium additionally to receive a gradient background around your server/slot!
  • lightbulb_outlineWill these prices ever increase?
    The prices shown below will increase for a couple of reasons. One being, if the demand is too high at the current prices. Another will be if organic traffic from search engines increases a fair amount.
1 Week
Price: $35
Discount: 0%
*Discount included in price

Most Popular!
2 Weeks
Price: $63
Discount: 10%
*Discount included in price
1 Month
Price: $105
Discount: 25%
*Discount included in price

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