Purchase sponsored for your server and stand out over the others!

  • lightbulb_outlineWhat is a sponsored slot?
    Sponsored allows your server to be placed above the top voted servers, thus giving your server more attention to visitors!
  • lightbulb_outlineNEWWhere are sponsored slots shown?
    All sponsored slots will be shown on the homepage. Additionally, sponsored slots will also show on category pages but only if they have that category selected!
  • lightbulb_outlineHow are the sponsored slots ordered?
    All slots are randomly rotated on page load to give each server a fair chance at the #1 slot!
  • lightbulb_outlineHow many sponsored slots do we allow?
    We allow a max of 6 slots to be purchased and shown at one time, therefore your server will always be shown!
  • lightbulb_outlineCan I combine sponsored and premium?
    Yes! If you want to stand out even more, you can purchase premium additionally to receive a gradient background around your server/slot!
1 Week
Price: $35
Discount: 0%
*Discount included in price

Most Popular!
2 Weeks
Price: $63
Discount: 10%
*Discount included in price
1 Month
Price: $105
Discount: 25%
*Discount included in price

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