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PRISON SEASON 8 FULL RESET! COMPLETE REDESIGN! The AstroCraft Server is a RPG Prison Progression Server with OP Pick Upgrades, Easy Rankups, CELLS, Custom Enchants, Custom Achievements, Auction House, Epic Spawners, 25+ ranks, 99+ Prestiges, 14+ Prestige Challenges with REWARDS, and 134+ extra challenges with rewards and minions! Enjoy friendly competitive rivalry to become the best player and have the best cell in the server. It comes with minions, mcmmo, epic spawners, cell upgrades, auction house, chest shops, and sell wands. Lastly, there are seasonal & monthly payout rewards to Paypal & Buycraft.


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9ks 17
AToutLeMonde 15
Candielemon 5
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BDogJoker 3
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Pgm_RAz 1
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