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RCCrafters is currently a network of 4 different servers, all running the latest version 1.14.4 Always updating as soon as possible, because we like using the latest releases. If you like playing SkyBlock, RCCrafters is definitely the server for you: If you get bored of the normal little island, you can choose to play on the Acid Islands server, that gives you some new challenges and a new SkyBlock experience! ≼Custom plugins≽ such as RCHoppers, that you can't find on any other server. Different hoppers that allow you to: - automatically pick up everything in one chunk - sort your items - store an infinite amount of items in one block - autocraft items. ≼Premium plugins≽ such as Domain by TorpKev to protect your builds, Epic Spawners for farms with custom mobspawners and ShopGUI+for a highly customized shop on the SkyBlock servers. ≼Other plugins≽ Jobs Reborn, TokenShop and Golden Crates to get rewards. ≼≼ Community ≽≽ Our small community allows us to all play together and help each other when needed. Also our staff is regularly online including the author of our custom plugins. We look forward for you to spend some time with us


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