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Status Offline
Port 25914
Players 0
Country US
Owner Gracleface
Category Survival PvP 
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Last Ping 754317 minute(s) ago

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<p><strong>&raquo;&nbsp;ASTREA&nbsp;&laquo;</strong>&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<em><strong>SURVIVAL&nbsp;-&nbsp;McMMO&nbsp;-&nbsp;PVP&nbsp;-&nbsp;RAIDING&nbsp;-&nbsp;RANKS&nbsp;-&nbsp;EVENTS&nbsp;-&nbsp;PLUGINS</strong></em>&nbsp;<br /> Our goal is to become a friendly, comfortable server for people to make friends, have fun, and to call home.&nbsp;We work together as a community, yet play the game how we&#39;re supposed to!&nbsp;<br /> It is our goal to achieve popularity without the chaos. On most servers, you log on, and immediately overwhelmed as the chat floods you right out the door!&nbsp;Here at Astrea, we like to maintain a smooth, focused environment, yet enjoy ourselves and have fun!&nbsp;We also try our best to keep Trolling to a minimum.&nbsp;<br /> <em>(No more of those damn children without supervision!)&nbsp;</em><br /> All three of our Staff Members are online as much as possible. So we are always there to moderate chat, take on your suggestions and make sure everything is running smoothly! We are a friendly bunch and love getting to know our players.&nbsp;So if you are also looking to be a part of a community and possibly make friends for life, Astrea is the place for you!&nbsp;<br /> <strong><strong><em><strong>We sincerely hope you decide to become a part of the community!</strong></em>&nbsp;<br /> Your journey begins now,&nbsp;<br /> <strong>Join us today!</strong></strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>

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