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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner Henaminator
Category Survival PvP Parkour KitPvP Economy 
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Last Ping 589160 minute(s) ago

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Welcome! SmashPvP is a 24/7 kitpvp server, that is fairly different to usual pvp servers. We offer free kits, upon ranking up, and it's not pay2win, we do drop parties, and if we don't, the community does. You get money by killing players which you can buy kits with, as well as potions and armour. List of Rankups:  [list] [*]Soldier - 75 Kills  [*]Novice - 150 Kills  [*]Sergeant - 275 Kills  [*]Amateur - 550 Kills  [*]Swordsman - 1000 Kills  [*]Knight - 1500 Kills  [*]Dueler - 2000 Kills  [*]Gladiator - 3000 Kills  [*]Champion - 5000 Kills  [*]Legend - 10000 Kills  [/list] At each stage you will receive a different, unique kit. You can also purchase donator ranks from our store, they all come with awesome kits, [url][/url].  If you're a YouTuber with 200 Subscribers or more you can make a server review/promotion of the server and receive a YouTube rank, the YouTube rank has it own kit, and you also receive particles and a playervault. Also remember to Vote everyday for the server for rewards, there are also different rewards you receive for each stage, you can check them in-game by using /rewards. At the end of each month the Top Voter receives a £25 voucher in our store.

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