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AuroraRaids is a brand new hub network of experienced gamers waiting to take hundreds more in. Pretty much all our work is custom created that's right! We currently have two servers opened for the public and another two, within private BETA.  Any donations helps support them even more and, creates a better playing experience for the players who play our server. NONE of the servers will ever reset without warning!All our ranks are global and, will stay global FOREVER, that's right! Buy a rank on the current network and when we expand your rank will stay the same! Current and Future Servers; - Factions; A unique over-powered factions server that is different for everyone playing, with custom plugins and features!- Prison; Another unique server which anybody, of any level of experience can enjoy! Here are some screenshots of the map; - Skywars; A custom built server just for AuroraRaids, currently in development with our senior administrators and ready for release on Halloween (provided enough donations come through to pay our server bills) - Skyblock; A futuristic take on the original skyblock will be used to create an ultimate playing experience! Our administrators are working behind the scenes and with higher donors.- Murder; A lobby game to play while waiting for your friends. Not out yet.- Survival and KitPvP; We plan for survival to be fully vanilla for our hardcore veterans and, KitPvP to have all kits available for everybody.Current Ranking System (all ranks are global); - Member; Given to all players.- Donator; £10- VIP; £15- Elite; £25- Legend; £40- Hero; £70We also are in current BETA testing of new network features!Our media guy is currently working on trailers for our network! Please do not hesitate to contact me at: if you need more assistance. 

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