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Status Offline
IP outerheavenx.com
Port 25565
Players 0
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.15.x
Country US
Owner TransparentFate
Category Survival 
Website http://outerheaven.enjin.com/
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 763072 minute(s) ago

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Why pick Outer Heaven you wonder?[u]Overview[/u]Outer Heaven delivers a different experience to Minecraft. If you're looking for soething new with out main gamemode/server being No-Grief Survival. We offer several features from buyable permissions to garapons to a community that provides the best experience a player a can have. We are also constantly updating the server every two weeks with new features to improve gameplay so there's something new every time![u]Ranks[/u]We offer cheap donor ranks to who wish to help out the server and instantly gain benefits. Non-donor ranks are avaiable to those who want to dedicate their time on the server.[u]Economy[/u]The economy will be a bit hard to understand at first because everything sells for pennies. Lots of server have their economy inflated, while Outer Heaven isn't the type of economy to be inflated. However, voting for us rewards players with money, so it should be easy if you dedicate your time here![u]Salty Bets[/u]Bet on players as they take on each other in a galdiator style match. Winning bets take home the prize while the champion basks in glory.[u]Events[/u]Like most MMORPG's out there, Outer Heaven holds events where players can either battle against mass waves of mobs, fight the GM's, and even compete against each other for prizes! Events are usually held at the start of every season and occasionally at random times.Role PlayingRole playing is put to the bare minimum here, the player is not required to role play as role playing is only and usually played out by the event hosters during the events.[u]Art[/u]A fellow artist from DA, Pixiv, or just an artist in general? Come join us as most of the players are interested in art!All art done by DiCape [url=http://di-cape.deviantart.com/]DA [/url]| [url=http://dimiacape.tumblr.com/]Tumblr[/url]

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