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Status Offline
IP play.packsnetwork.tk
Port 25565
Players 0
Version FuseCord 1.9.x ➜ 1.12.x
Country XX
Owner Patsterr_
Category Survival Creative PvP  
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 664494 minute(s) ago

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FuseNetworkFuseNetwork is a Minecraft server. At FuseNetwork we offer many types of servers. We have to creative, factions, and kitpvp.Creative:In creative you first get a plot. You can do that by typing /p auto. When you have a plot all you have to do is start building. The rules are pretty basic. Roleplaying is allowed, as long as it isn't too sexual or offends anyone. You can have contests, as long as you don't pester people to join them. You can also build just about anything as long as it doesn't lag anyone or is appropriate.Factions:Factions is a plugin where you try and own the most powerful faction. You start by creating a faction. You build a strong base, raid other factions, and get power. You can create a faction by typing /f create <name>. There is a default wilderness. The rules are, you cannot grief spawn, but you can grief and raid other factions! You cannot claim land near spawn, or make inappropriate builds. Your faction name and description also must be appropriate, not offend anyone, or religion, and not resemble any rank.KitPvP:KitPvP is unlike any other KitPvP server. You just get a kit and play. There is no economy or rank ups. The map is really fun. It has many traps. The rules are pretty basic. Hacking is not allowed, spamming chat isn't allowed, and you cannot change kits in the arena.FuseNetwork is currently not accepting applications at this moment... 

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