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Status Offline
IP zyrkraidz.tk
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner ZyrkRan
Category Survival  Roleplay Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 752345 minute(s) ago

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Spoiler - click to revealZyrkRaidz Factions Server IP: zyrkraidz.tkAbout UsUptime is one of the most important things when you are playing online. That’s why we try to keep our server up and running 24/7, lag free! We do our best to prevent cheaters from ruining our player’s experience in the server. We ask that you be extremely respectful when talking to other players. Our staff team consists of hardworking problem solving players that will be there to answer your questions as best as they can so that you feel satisfied.DonateThough we’re not running the server to make profit, we still need money to pay the expenses (server, website, developers, advertising and more). By contributing to the server monetarily you will acquire extra perks and advantages. Refer to /warp donate in-game for more information.PluginsVotePartyVoteParty provides the ability to start a party automatically after a certain amount of votes is reached! You can vote using /vote.FactionsBuild your own tea of warriors and fight enemies to defend what’s yours!Auction HouseNot every item can be sold using our server shop, instead, let other players purchase your items without any risk of being scammed!McMMOThe goal of McMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into an extensive and quality RPG experience. Start leveling and building your skills up today!ObsidianBreakerObsidian (and even Bedrock) can be destroyed in the server using TNT! This makes obsidian bases raidable. Gear up, grab loads of TNT and start hunting!SilkSpawnersSome players are able to pick up Monster Spawners using a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment! You can find more information about this feature on the server.PlayerVaultsEvery single player is unique and special for us. But, donators deserve something extra for helping the server monetarily. Donators have the ability to open a secret vault that allows them to store their items securely. No one (other than the owner of that vault) can touch these items!

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