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Status Offline
IP play.voxelmc.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.18.2
Country US
Owner SnowFox12300
Category PvP  Raiding MCMMO 
Website http://voxelmc.net/
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 659791 minute(s) ago

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About The Server: Are you tired of the same old boring Factions server? Of hiding in a bland obsidian box? Well, look no further! VoxelMC is a server that is dedicated to bringing the community a new and exciting RPG experience. This server is a Kingdoms server, which is a new, exciting take on the idea of Factions, but placed back in early Medieval times. As a server that values our community, we aim to provide those who seek a thrilling Minecraft RPG experience with full immersion in the world. We want the players to feel like they're right in their character's shoes battling dragons & horridly digusting creatures that have spawned from the depths of the darkness. The world will be a frightening yet, beauty-filled landscape. Dungeons will scatter the lands, and Kingdoms built by you the community will soar high into the sky. How you ask? By providing them with access to our fully custom Kingdom experience! VoxelMC - Kingdoms A server based on the feudal life of Medieval times. Players will be able to access all freedoms of the Custom Generated World. You the player will be able to create your own Kingdom, with your own subjects, ranks, etc.You can build giant Kingdoms and wage war against foes, or create a small merchant guild with their eyes set on riches, fame, and glory. Players can battle creatures of the darkness, or battle enemies in the Knight Tournaments. It's all up to the player on this server, and anything, is possible!  You won't have to worry about being raided or having your precious Kingdom blown up while offline. In order to raid an opposing Kingdom, the two Kings of each respected Kingdom must set their Kingdom to a state of war, and who they wish to wage war on. Then each Kingdom must strategically think of how to attack the other one, without risking their own Kingdom's safety. Players will be able to buy custom defenses for their castle, and upgrade them as your Kingdom grows. Will your Kingdom be the richest & most powerful on the server..?

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