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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country GB
Owner bradiscool41
Category Survival Creative Prison   
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Last Ping 804255 minute(s) ago

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The Offical coracraft network! Our servers are built to optimize the best possible FPS and experiences every player dreams of. Most of our servers have custom plugins allowing players to do things they can't on other networks... We are unique from the ground up! With ground breaking Devs working day and night fixing bugs and adding loads of cool things. Like for example! Creative : 1025x1025 sized plots Not impressed huh... Well what if you could have unlimited worldedit! With no limits. No cool down and no need to vote to get access to it. Every creative player get's access to the same commands. But we do have a leveling system that you rank up! You can rank up by playing on that server! Also voting on creative gives you money! This money can be turned into coins and your coins will eventually build up on hub so you can purchase in game keys and pets and other cool things on the hub! Factions : 50k x 50k world! Factions has an amazing custom map. Just like our survival server! these servers are being worked on at decent pace. We should see this server to be online by the 1st of  August. There will be sales and other cool things to help us fund the server and help you guys get a better start. the map will also include a new spawn! new commands! Custom plugins! possiblity to earn rare drops like a sharp 10 god sword. which is worth $20 real cash. You may think " oh that's pay to win " well it's not. That is one way to obtain the sword there are other methods like for example. You mine out 1000 obsidian you will have a rare chance to get a lucky key drop. you do /warp crates... and you can get access to the crate area! right click the crate with the key and you might just get lucky to get the god sword! There are many other cool items in the land of coracraft but as we do with our creative server! we don't like making our players pay for stuff! we can give you the option to earn it for FREE!!! Every player on our network is here because of a few reasons! They enjoy us and they support what we do. Me " bradiscool41 " is the owner of this network. i support everyone and anyone. unless they either hack be violent towards my players or do other bad things.

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