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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version MineJadeNetwork 1.7.x-1.13.x
Country US
Owner aideed
Category Pixelmon  Roleplay  Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 664464 minute(s) ago

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Server Website: Server Ip: play.lunarglaceon.comLunarGlaceon is a community based and fun oriented server with a variety of methods to keep you entertained. From planned events to player ran gyms, there is something for everyone. Keep inventory and Peaceful mode are active, meaning you can feel safe while indulging in being adventurous.Everything we do is custom, including the starting Pokemon list. We believe in delivering a unique experience to those seeking to enjoy the game - whether single player or with friends. Plugins such as Grief Prevention are installed and setup to protect what you've worked for.Join us today and we're glad you were interested in our server. We look forward to seeing you in game and starting your very own Pixelmon adventure.Custom Plugins / Server features:--> *TOKENS - This is our biggest feature it allows you to do a varity of things you can use commands like /tokens and /redeemt list. You can look above for a picture of what it is -->CUSTOM AI- Our servers custom ai Luna is here to help you out she will usually be able to answer all your questions and msgs the chat as if it were a real person this is both convinent and helpfull for a lot of people -->/help - the normal /help is so boring so we took it a step forward and made another ai for it /help or /luna works -->Psell - /ps its like pokesell but it allows you to sell pokemon for a price both swiftly and safely -->Helx - Ever feeling bored no worries do /helix the helix fossil will answer all of lifes most random questions -->Pokedp - This is a custom plugin that allows us to give everyone on a server a random normal or shiny Pokemon unique only to us -->Money/Itemdp - Allows us to give out any amount of money or items to everyone on the servers its both fun and enjoyableThank you for your time and support! ~LunarGlaceon Staff

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