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Status Offline
Port 25738
Players 0
Version 1.8.6
Country US
Owner samgogogo
Category Survival Vanilla 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 378283 minute(s) ago

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What is this server about? The Gamess Community Server is a Towny server with alot to offer. We pride ourself with plugins such as MCMMO and Autorank. When you join the server you will be given the rank of Guest and after a hour of playing you will be given Member. Our server spawn along with our wild spawn is lovingly created to give the server a family friendly sort of mood. Swearing Policy We do not accept swearing / any type of racism or discrimination on this server. Any people who are seen to swear/ saying anything of the sort to another player will be punished with jail,mute or eventually a ban. This is a family server which can be enjoyed by everyone. Our staff members also make sure that no bullying happends on the server. Staff Recruitment Policy We often are looking for new staff members. If you are intrested in being a staff member feel free to ask ingame wether we are accepting new staff. If we are you will be linked to our website where you will be able to fill in a staff app. Please do not beg to be staff or constantly ask wether we are accepting as this breaks one of our rules. Our Server Website We also, like many servers have a server website. You can check it out here. Our website is where you can find useful infomation on the server and also post threads about what you are getting up to ingame. We hope to see you on the website as it brings the community together. Our website is constantly monitered by staff and any threads that break any rules/ are aimed towards bullying will be taken down and the person will be dealt with. Server Website: Server Ip: Login with 1.7.10!

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