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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner GrimReaper52498
Category  Raiding Economy MCMMO 
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Welcome to the EGOcraftPvP Beta release. EGOcraftPvP was a server started a while ago by xsilentxsmithx, I (GrimReaper52498) became owner of the server a while ago, since then it has gone up and down, this time its up for good and I intend to make it the best gameplay experience I possibly can, so, how do you become part of the beta? Just join the server! During the Beta phase of the server, players will be responsible for the feedback the shapes the entirety of the server before the initial release, this is everything from the website to the server itself, right down to each plugin you see on the server. What else is there to know about the server? Well on EGOcraftPvP, player interaction is something we take pride in, whether it be staff interacting with the community or players interacting with one another, all of our staff play on our server as if they were a normal player, why? Because we want the same experience as you so we know what could be better or what needs to be there that isn't already. Our economy is more player driven, meaning players have to trade or buy off one another for the items they want, our player rentable shops are a nice way of doing this! We also offer up to 5 player-made warps, players can buy and sell these warps, having them public or private, the choice is theirs! Trading is also made easier on our server! You can use /trade <player> to safely trade with a player so you can ensure your items are safe. We also offer rewards for voting, like vote crates, and will be added more as time goes on. We also have much more to offer, but what fun is reading about it when you can just come and experience it for yourself As we are still in beta a lot of the server will change before the initial release, so when you're playing on the server, keep in mind that nothing is final and something you saw today might not be there tomorrow, some prime examples of things that will change are our donation store, website, and ranks on the server. If you have any suggestions of things you want to see on the server for release then you're free to suggest them to staff or on the forums.  

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