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Status Offline
IP play.terrafactions.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner terrafaction
Category Survival  Raiding 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 752322 minute(s) ago

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➷ Terra Factions ➹  --------------------------------------------  Terrafactions the ultimate brand new PVP raiding server, We have a great balanced economy, No MCMMO, we have some of the greatest PvP plugins, we are trying to make a server unique where long time minecraft players like my self don't get bored within the first hour of playing, we host small events on our server, have a in game rankup system to get custom commands, new kits and better name prefixes for ingame money. We also have buycraft for anyone that would like to donate to our server. We are still upgrading it trying to find the best combinations of plugins for the greatest of minecraft raiding and pvp. We will be constantly upgrading the server with new features so stay in touch. --------------------------------------------  Other plugins & Information  -Double dmg by headshot from Bows  -Higher enchants on loot  -More health, increase your HP by carrying lvls of XP on you capped at lvl40/+50% health  -Auction, paid factions, Obsidian breaker  --------------------------------------------  Future upgrades or plans:  -We are planning to add Mounts and pets into the server (ridable mounts)  -From donations upgrading our HOST, we currently have DDoS protection, a good host and domain, in the future we plan to upgrade our host for much higher speeds, less lag and better PvP experience.  -The border is set to 5k, we want the server to be constant raiding and action so we squished the map together a little by setting the borders to 5k!  -Hire staff and bring youtubers!, we only have 4 staff members, server might get out of hand sometimes so we will be hiring reliable staff, and collaborating with youtubers for our server to get noticed and for creating a great server society  -This server is not OP although you can get higher enchanted gear from raiding or killing donators or players for Sharp 6 loot and Protection 6 armour.  -More server events!  -Maybe get MCMMO, if our players would like it we will get it.

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