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Country US
Owner Sandwich
Category Survival  Roleplay Economy MCMMO 
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Why join our server? Well our server offers many unique things that you don’t see often including a custom leveling system    that allows you to unlock different items, armor, enchants, and potions. A new world with a custom generation that has over 50 custom made biomes, custom made villages, custom made temples, custom made caves, custom made dungeons, custom made hidden miners treasures, a combination of all three of the normal worlds including; Nether fortresses, Strongholds, and Ender dragons, it also includes hidden fossils that are buried in stone, custom ore generation, and unique item drops and treasures.  Introduction Welcome to the TTT-FUN Minecraft Server! This server is a branch off of the popular Garry’s Mod Community TTT-FUN and one of their new servers. On our minecraft server you will be able to play Survival, Create kingdoms, PvP, PvE, Experience our custom made progression system with mcMMO, explore new worlds with many unique attributes, have unique pets that fight aside you in battle, Conquer others in battle, Have an abundance of new custom enchantments which change the way you play completely, Gather herbs from the wild and create custom potions, Trade with other players, Engage in auction wars, Fight hordes of custom mobs, and much more! If any of this seems interesting to you, come by and check us out! :) IP: Version: 1.9

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