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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.20.4
Country US
Owner CritterCraft
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Embark upon an extraordinary odyssey within our Minecraft Survival Server, where the harmonious integration of Towny plugins converges with a pulsating economy, creating an immersive and intricate tapestry of gameplay. Forge strategic alliances, stake your claim by establishing a sovereign town, and artfully navigate the nuanced dynamics of a player-driven economy. In this expansive world, success hinges on astute planning, collaboration, and the development of robust camaraderie. Will you ascend as an economic maestro, skillfully shaping the destiny of your virtual empire, or emerge as a masterful town architect, crafting realms that stand the test of time? Alternatively, will you become a formidable force, a driving influence in the ever-evolving survival landscape? Join us now and etch your indelible mark into the very bedrock of our server. An unparalleled adventure awaits—where unity, thriving communities, and conquest define your journey! Don't be scared. Come hang with the critters.

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