Siddiet's Freebuild 1.20.1

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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.20.1
Country US
Owner Siddiet
Category Survival Creative Economy Bukkit Bedrock 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 380921 minute(s) ago

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Siddiet's Freebuild Minecraft Server 1.20.1 Welcome to Siddiet's Freebuild, a Minecraft server where creativity flourishes. In this world, we believe in simplicity and respect. Features: Free Plots for New Players: We give every newcomer a free plot of land to build on. It's your canvas to start crafting your Minecraft dreams. Creative Freedom: No boundaries. Build whatever you can imagine - from grand structures to intricate redstone contraptions. Respectful Community: Our community is welcoming and friendly. We respect each other's work and ideas. Cross-Platform Play: Join us from the latest versions of both Bedrock and Java editions, bringing players from different platforms together in one world. Interactive Map: Explore our world easily with our interactive map. Open it at and discover the creations of our players. Rules: Respect All: Be respectful to everyone, their builds, and ideas. No negativity, discrimination, or harassment. No Griefing or Stealing: Protect others' creations. Don't destroy or steal from fellow players. Build Responsibly: Be creative, but don't disrupt others' experiences. Follow Staff: Our staff is here to help. Listen to their guidance. Have Fun: Siddiet's Freebuild is about enjoying Minecraft. Dive in, be creative, and have a great time.

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