Modern Anarchy

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Status Online
Port 25565
Players 2/20
Version �f�lM�c�lA
Country XX
Owner Vorlice
Category Anarchy Survival Vanilla 
Uptime 100.0%
Last Ping 2 minute(s) ago

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Is this anarchy? Yes, you cannot get banned for anything on here. Even though there is anti-cheat, I can hack and not get banned? Yes, you will only get kicked for attempting to use hacks. What are the rules on here? The only rule is "Don't spread hate speech or use hard slurs". We have a chat filter for that but you cannot be banned unless the owner thinks you need to settle down; even then it's temporary. Microsoft chat report is off. So I can grief people? Yes. How old is the server and what version is it currently running on? Server started in July of 2023 and is running latest version 1.20.1 Does the server ever reset? No, never. Is there a world border? Yes at 10x10 million blocks. Is there a /tpa or a /home? No, this is vanilla. Is nether roof allowed? No, this change is to prevent afk chunk loading, to increase the difficulty, and to keep everyone from being millions away from eachother. Are there plugins? Yes there are plugins but none that affect vanilla gameplay. Are there admins/mods? There is no moderation, therefore no mods/admins. The owner is Vorlice for technical questions. What is the world seed? No. What is the difficulty? Hard. Is there a reward for /vote or donating? No, however I may change donation prize to "Getting punched by Vorlice". Donations and voting help keep the server going which is the main benefit.

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