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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country CA
Owner TNTMadness
Category Faction PvP Factions Raiding Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 0.0%
Last update 107042 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to TMFactions. If you are looking for a Dedicated Factions Server that has done everything right, with no compromise, then this is your go to server. We pride ourselves on what we have accomplished to make this one for the best servers in all aspects. We are constantly improving the server and love feedback from the friendly community that has grown around our server. Are server is built around our community and the server has been shaped from that ever since the beta in late 2015 and has turned our server into one of the most polished and enjoyable faction servers out there. You can’t go wrong with our server and if you find something wrong, we are guaranteed to fix it. Some awesome features about the server. Hardware/Server Based: - 24/7 Server access - 99% Uptime - No Lag – Constant 20 TPS - Dedicated Server - Low Ping Globally - 32GB Ram - i7-6700 Processor - 10 Giga Bit Ethernet In Game: - Access to a huge array of commands that most servers don’t allow - Ability to sell (/sell) all items in the game - Factions UUID (Smoothest Factions experience!) - Premium McMMO - McMMO OP PVP skills are nerfed - Nether & End Hubs - Have Supply Drops at ‘/warp pvp’ to make PVP more interesting and more competitive at - Have a very competitive faction server with lots of bases to raid - Huge amount of useful and unique plugins, such as trade, banknotes, bottled exp.  - Have all the basic plugins to tat work well, even some sub-basic like FloAuction - Huge Economy based server, can buy most items and can farm to make millions with spawners - Infinite Lapis Enchanting Tables and Unbreakable Anvils at Spawn - Entertaining YouTubers doing Faction Series such as TNT Madness & Just Jack

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