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Status Offline
IP MirageCraft.eu
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.19.2
Country XX
Owner Asthreal-MC
Category Survival Vanilla Roleplay Adventure BungeeCord 
Discord https://discord.gg/uxT8264TTH
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 551120 minute(s) ago

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MirageCraft.eu MirageCraft has a long Story on the Way! The Server packs Minecraft vanilla with some special extras like pvp zones envoy drops some quests but over all not impacting the Game too much. Our main goal is to improve the Game with custom mobs and worlds but not destroy it and over all we want to STAY TRUE so we don´t own a shop everything FREE TO PLAY and we don´t sell cosmetics or ranks. Every rank that is inside the gamefile can be obtained by simply playing the game or gathering it troughout some event ;) Now a bit to the Story of MirageCraft It was in developement over 1 Year and is now finaly released. It was created by a german dude named Asthreal who supports and updates it with his team now. Although the Server is coded in english at the Moment you can play from where ever you want and still you gonna find some guys :) We are planing to add more language support but this takes a huge amount of time so we are working right now mainly on the upcoming events and on one other Gamemode ;) We hope this sounds kind of nice to you and we gonne see you around some time have fun playing wishing you: ~The MirageCraft Staff-Members

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