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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version §7[§x§c§9§0§a§b§d1.12§7-§x§8§a§0§0§8§11.19§7]
Country US
Owner jasperneriko
Category Survival Cracked Towny Economy Land Claim 
Uptime 98.8%
Last update 652 minutes ago


👾 -=NerikoSMP-Beta Test=- 👾 📢We are proudly to announce our PAID Server 📢 🔥✔️24/7 Online✔️🔥 🎁Server Concept🎁 🔥Towny 🔥Mixed of a SMP, Towny, Chill thing 🔥Players or Mayors can set their Town to disallow pvp, however wilderness or unprotected zone is pvp on by default, only way to avoid it is to create or join a town na naka off ang pvp 🎁More Details🎁 ✔️Server has now better anti cheat ✔️Server has now better commands that player can use /home /sethome /tpa /sell /balance /baltop /auctionhouse /lottery ✔️Commands that they can be able to protect their buildings by creating a town or joining a town (watch the video sa page para sa tutorials) ✔️Mobs still moving same as vanilla server ✔️Both Java and Bedrock players can join the server ✔️Latest minecraft versions ✔️Money economy ofcourse ✔️Shops- chest shops ✔Live map ✔️Discord Supports ✔️Voice Proximity - Need to be discord linked ✔️Well managed ✔️NOT WHITELISTED ✔️No more google forms ✔️Cracked T launchers can join and many more 🔥RULES🔥 ✔️ Must be atleast 11+ years old ❌ No Hacking/Cheating ❌ No Bug Exploits ✔️ Be Nice ✔️ Competitive arguments is allowed ❌ No asking items sa owner or admins ❌ Never ask for OP ❌ No asking admin to teleport you to someone or somewhere ✔️Failure to follow the rules may lead to permanent ip ban✔️ ❗❗[IMPORTANT]❗❗ We also wanna make sure that you are not gonna get banned for NOT following the rules so just send a msg on this page so you can have a better view of the server.

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