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Server Information

Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner Elektrodemon
Category Survival PvP Hardcore  Raiding 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 800460 minute(s) ago

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Hey! Are you looking for the BEST Survival Server with Economy and Raid-Defense? Today is your lucky day! In our Survival-Game TribeRaid you can defend your base with turrets and tame custom mobs, trade with players, go earn money by mining, and much more. Join us now! We are an interesting and crazy Minecraft-Server. We are completely free and don't offer ranks for real money. You can buy ranks in citybuild for in-game money. Citybuild is a super economy game mode. In Citybuild you can Claim your plot and build whatever you want! You can create a beautiful shop and let players buy your items. Our most famous game mode is TribeRaidSurvival. In TribeRaid you can buy turrets that defend your cool base from other players. You can raid other players with much TNT to destroy their strong turrets. If you are building a new base, make sure to have enough turrets. Creative is like Citybuild but you can build everything in creative mode. So don't stop your fantasy and let your imagination run wild. Build so many houses as you want and ask players to rate it. In Icerace you can race with your friends and have a lot of fun. You race with a boat on a long ice route. You can select between 3 difficulty maps. Want to mess with your friend in a real fight? In KitPvP you can select almost all kits for every kind of fight. Play on many amazing maps and record amazing PVP clips. Sometimes, we also do special events. We celebrate birthdays and special things like nice updates with firework and event games like Tic Tac Toe. Our team is really funny and always there. If you got a question just ask us! We update our server every day and add new functions so you'll never get bored. You can also tell us your ideas for new game modes, functions, or ranks. We would love to hear your ideas! Are you good at coding, building, or helping our players? Join us now and apply!

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