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Version §f[§a· §bWelcome §a·§f] §f[ §9§o1.18.2§r §f]§a§l·§a§l·§r§f[ §3Online: §o2§r §f]
Country XX
Owner AgoristCraft
Category  Economy Ranks Anarchy 
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✦ IP: ✦ Join AgoristCraft for unique adventures in custom dungeons. The recommended age is 18+ This server officially opened on 2/22/2022. ☯ 1.18 SEMI-ANARCHY/SURVIVAL ☯ PvP: Raiding, Griefing, Scamming, & Factions! (+Multiple Arenas Coming Soon) Challenging Custom Dungeons With Custom Loot Tables! RPG Mobs & Player Heads! Epic Natural Disaster Events! Customized McMMO Experience! Seventeen Attainable (Non-Premium) Ranks, With Numerous Kits! PvE Economy: Auctions, GUIShop, Trading, Mob Money, & Sell Wands! Seasonal Events! ☯ EXTRA NOTES ☯ While hacking isn’t allowed, the rules are as minimal as possible. There is little use of gameplay altering plugins that require tutorials, no nether roof restrictions, and no world border. This is so new players can immediately jump into exploring the world and begin raiding all the different custom dungeons and player bases you can find (Currently 27+ custom dungeons). This server is set to hard mode, and besides factions there is no protection, so hide your bases well! No base is completely safe - even obsidian will break with enough use of TNT. ☯ FINAL WORDS ☯ We are a brand new server and wish to begin building a like-minded, tight-knit community. If you love sovereignty & freedom, you are most welcome here! If you have a good sense of humor that can both dish out and receive politically incorrect jokes, you are welcome here! If you are just looking for a different kind of server, perhaps you would enjoy a server run by someone with Agorist counter-economics philosophy. The truth can be spoken freely here.

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