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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.19.4
Country XX
Owner Nick227
Category Survival Vanilla Economy Spigot 
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                  Mint Survival      Our Mission: As a simple survival server, we just wanted a simple server for players to enjoy the simplicity of Minecraft's survival. We have special plugins to increase the ease of play. Those plugins are listed below. With a friendly community throughout the server and or Discord. You will find friends, enjoy yourself, and just have loads of fun. We are a 24/7 server, we are not a pay-to-win server nor are we accepting donations at this current point. It's just a fun place for everyone to come to hang out and chill. Let us know if you need anything or have any questions. Looking for players. Server Values: Respect for players and staff is our one MAJOR rule! Remain a friendly community Ask someone to borrow something No griefing, cheating Be sensible No major cursing allowed Discord: -- Add me on discord for suggestions and ideas, Nick227#0055 Technical Specification: Zero block lag server, a great connection server is based on the East Coast of the United States (Virginia to be exact). AMD Ryzen 5800x processors. Plugin Explanation: -Tree Gravity: A simple, yet amazing plugin. This allows a player to hit the bottom of a tree once and it knocks down the entire tree. -Grief Prevention: This is enabled as soon as you join. All you need to do is set down a chest and it will enable your property to be protected from the ground to the sky. To expand it all you need to do is have a golden shovel and hit one corner to remap it. -Wild Teleport: Since we are a simple survival server, this plugin is an essential part so you do not bump heads with players and you will have a great distance between multiple players!

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