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Status Offline
IP mc.oonkasmp.xyz
Port 23991
Players 0
Country XX
Owner oonkaboonka
Category Survival Anarchy 
Discord https://discord.gg/kn6JSWhJnm
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 378478 minute(s) ago

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Hey! We're OSMP, a new Civilization-type multiplayer survival server. We don't have commands enabled like /spawn, /tpa, and /warp, and this is to make sure the game doesn't become dull over time by progressing through things too quickly. Our only rules currently are: don't steal (this may be changed in the future) and don't hack. Everything else is allowed. We do have a little twist on our server, though ;) if you happen to die, you will be temporarily banned for 2 hours. This is to gie our players a bit of a challenge. So make sure you don't die unless you're fine with a 2 hour ban! Join our Discord for more information and updates: http://discord.com/invite/kn6JSWhJnm Check out our website: http://oonkasmp.xyz Join with our IP! mc.oonkasmp.xyz Dynmap located at http://mc.oonkasmp.xyz:8123

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