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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.18.1
Country US
Owner DumbleDank420
Category Survival  Faction Economy MCMMO 
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*Server Location:** London, UK. **Server Goals:** This server's goal is to remake what it was like to play a Minecraft Factions Server, back when Factions first came out in 2014. Back before TnT cannons, Giant Obsidian Monolifs and walls of Water and Lava were the meta and servers had Pay to Win Kits and crazy custom enchantments like sharpness X (10). To do this we have disabled explosions in claimed land meaning you are able to build a base however and where ever you want and know your items are safe! Unless of course you die too many times and lose faction power. Because of this, our server is more PVP and strategy based, looking for weakness' in opposing Factions bases and also makibg sure youre own base is well fortified! FEATURES: Factions - MCMMO - Citizens - Econony - Shops - Survival - Crates - Vote Rewards - PvP - RankUp - Custom Enchants - Permanent World - 24/7 - Active Admins - !NEW! Bedrock Support World Border 5000x5000 to encourage more player interaction/PvP/Raids/Faction wars Discord:

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