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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner arcanemc_us
Category Survival PvP Economy 
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IP: ArcaneMC is a Survival server with custom features that enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience. Teams: With teams you are able to join up with your friends and take on the rest of the server. Want to become the richest team? Setup a shop in our marketplace and become the best merchant on the server. Shops: Each team is able to buy a plot of land in the public marketplace using in game money. Teams are then able to sell items through their shops to other visiting players in the marketplace. Access the marketplace by typing /warp marketplace Events: ArcaneMC has many events custom made just for us. Hunt: A chest is spawned randomly around the world or nether that provides great loot to the first person who finds it. KOTH: Also known as King of the Hill, it is an event where the person or team who is able to hold a capture zone for a set amount of time is deemed the winner. XP Hill: A hill in spawn that provides experience points to the one standing on it. Heist: A KOTH with a special twist. A horde of custom mobs will attempt to kill those around the area, but when killed they drop custom loot.

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