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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.16.5
Country XX
Owner runaway11
Category Survival PvP Hardcore  Vanilla 
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Who are we? OneDayDeath is a hardcore survival world that will ban you for one day if you die, we run 24/7 on a hosted service and can host up to 50 players at a time. Why join us? OneDayDeath is a unique Minecraft experience that incorporates PVP, clans and communities in a semi-anarchy and semi-hardcore state of world. What plugins / features do we have? All our gameplay is vanilla based; however, we use plugins such as Deathban – to ban players for 24 hours on death, Playerheads – will drop on the death of a player, LuckPerms – for permission reasons and some chat plugins to incorporate prefixes and suffixes for donators. How many players have played on OneDayDeath? So far, we have amassed over 5000 players in game and 500-600 members on discord. We are looking to rebuild and repopulate our community again after a recent decline in the player base. How long has OneDayDeath been going? OneDayDeath has been going since December 2020, however we are still at the BEGINNING of our journey as a server as we look to move to 1.17 as soon as it is released for paper. So far we have had a good history within the server which im sure you could ask a few veterans about 😊 What rules do we have here? 1.NO HACKING / XRAY/ XRAY EXPLOITS 2.NO DDOSING SERVER / DDOSING / DOXING PLAYERS IN THE SERVER. 3.MUST HAVE PROOF IF DIED BY GLITCH. 4.NO ADVERTISING OTHER SERVERS. 5. NO LAGGING THE SERVER YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FOREVER AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REQUEST AN UNBAN Basically, don’t hack and don’t crash / lag the server. How to Connect IP: DISCORD: Come join us today at OneDayDeath!

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