ApexOne Earth SMP

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Status Offline
Port 25585
Players 0
Version Paper 1.18.1
Country US
Owner ApexOne
Category Survival Hardcore Spigot 
Website https://apexonemc.enjin.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/Gg27Pju
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 664431 minute(s) ago

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Definition: Noun- To reach the highest point of achievement: a climax. This is what it means to reach an Apex… Where everything abnormal becomes standard and everything normal does not exist. Where determination, smarts and even luck come into play as even the Extreme find this a challenge. From Unturned to Minecraft, we are not your average competitors as we can be seen boasting 5 servers where we cater to all who are tough enough to survive the extreme conditions. From Survival to Roleplay but never for the faint of heart. Why you ask? Because this is ApexOne… This is the Pinnacle of Hardcore Gaming! THIS is what it means to Survive! We bask in the ooze of healing and laugh at the thought of anything being too hard to achieve. You think you have what it takes? Join our ranks and we shall see if you are who you say you are. You will find your future Apexian Family here https://discord.com/invite/edMxnQ99TQ where you will find what makes us special. - Extreme, Daring and Supporting Community - Unturned Deadlands RP = IP: Port: 27765 - Unturned Ural Mountains Hardcore Survival = IP: Port: 50000 - Unturned Hardcore Elver PVP = IP: Port: 27015 - MC Hard Earth Survival = IP: Port: 25585 - MC Modded Server = IP: Port: 25568 (requires modpack) We offer to cater to you all but don’t misunderstand… we don’t make gamers out of you… it’s the extreme conditions you will be facing that will change you lives. Once again who are we you ask? >>>WE… are APEXONE<<<

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