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Status Offline
Port 25565
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Country US
Owner Deke2Death
Category  Faction  Parkour 
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IntensityCraft network is a new hub server! We have a very dedicated and professional team working with us. this includes staff/builders and so on. Our staff team consists of pretty mature members whos dedicated themselves to this server. Weve had some flaws on our team such as staff members betraying us, immature staff members and some ignorant staff members. We were able to pull through though. Our main goal for the server is to make it fun for none donators. Which means that normal players can obtain some donator perks without purchasing anything from the donation store. Factions: There are many features on factions such as commands that you can buy with in-game money, being able to rank up with in game money, custom enchantments, SupplyCrates that drop from the sky, a daily bonus for every player, custom built biomes generated within a 10k border, MCMMO, two inventories for players who need more room, Kits that come with the ranks You get the kit and the ones below and much, MUCH more. There are currently 21 ranks that you can obtain in-game. In the future, we will be adding much more ranks.  Every biome is unique in its own way. The first biome you will encounter is the new Desert biome which is what the spawn is currently themed as. For the other biomes, the Nether biome allows Nether mobs to spawn in, the wool biome has an unlimited supply of wool, The End biome allows enderman to spawn in. Our builder is currently DiangelloCreates. You can thank him for the biomes! KitPVP: KitPVP allows you to rankup with in game money too, to earn money, you must kill players. You get 1 dollar per player. There are two maps, a nether map and an over-world map. There are 6 in game ranks that are obtainable and 6 donator ranks obtainable via donating to the server. Prison and Skyblock are currently in development so itll be a while before they come up. Server Rules  The current server rules are on the website:

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