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The Realm Of Casus is a DND based Roleplay experience. We offer a small but extremely active community. Custom plugins, fantastic builds, and roleplay systems. We also offer a fully customizable Roleplay experience. We pride ourselves in being a community developed project. The majority of our players help and assist us with lore, systems, and builds. We work together on projects as one. As stated above we are a custom Minecraft DND Roleplay experience. We have set out to offer a server that brings multiple DND systems, and ideas to the table. As well as regular Minecraft Roleplay. Casus is not a full blooded 5e system but we gather much of our inspiration with it. Our combat system is extremely based around that of the 5e's combat system. As are our encounters, and dungeon events. Our Dm's set out to create the most immersive roleplay experience. Much like a regular 5e dungeon master would do. Currently we have the following playable races. Humans Kobolds Warforged Tieflings Orks Elves Dwarves Aborians Beastmen We also offer multiple profession. We are constantly adding onto them and making them better. Currently we have the following professions. Miner, Smith, Lumberjack, Jeweler, Alchemist, Tailor, Hunter, and Farmer. Along with multiple professions we also offer many custom classes to our server. Personally this is my favorite part. Players are given the choice to add onto these classes with any ideas they have. It is actually highly suggested. We have the following classes. Templar, Priest, Hunter, Druid, Bard, Warrior, Elementalist, and Thief. All of these classes are extremely customizable. And we are constantly looking into adding more. If you have a suggestion for one then please let us know. We do have a whitelist, though it is not that difficult. It works almost as a character bio. Please head over to our website to apply now.

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