Arcane Realms

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Status Offline
Port 25606
Players 0
Version 1.16.5
Country US
Owner Zephyrspk
Category No category selected.
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 707260 minute(s) ago

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**Arcane Realms** is a 1.16 survival server with some Unique Features! Our server Owners and Dev Team have been Working very hard to make sure the server is running at its best! We also take suggestions from you all to help improve our server! Hope to see you all in the Arcane! ***Arcane Realms IP:*** ***Arcane Realms Discord:*** ***Unique Server Features*** -Create Clans! -Claim land for your clan! -Server Shop and Auction House at spawn! -Ender Dragon can be respawned without the egg and has its own CUSTOM LOOT TABLE! -Mob head drops! (Monsters, Fish, Players) -Craftable Spawn Eggs! -Teleport features like /spawn /sethome /home /tpa /voting

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