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Status Offline
Port 25569
Players 0
Version 1.18.1
Country US
Owner Trivia95
Category No category selected.
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 753093 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to BlazeCraft a 18+ minecraft SMP server! 1.15.2! On BlazeCraft we are a small group of like minded people who love to build and share there creations with others, would you like to become part of this great community? Join now before the whitelist is turned on in one weeks time! We have a few plugins installed to make life on the server more enjoyable and less work, like /sethome and warps to convenient places that can be 1000's of blocks walk away. We also dont like it when people who want to cause problems for our community on the server, so no childish behaviour or griefing will be tollerated, we have anti grief plugins to roll back your builds and if you /claim land using our claims plugin you can keep your epic builds safe! 18+ Discord: The 1 New SMP Whitelisted Server! (You have a week to become part of this epic community! We will be turning the whitelist on on the 22nd of may!) - sethome - Claims - Monthly Events UHC, Build Battles, etc - /warps - Anti-Grief Rollbacks to protect your builds from any griefers - Whitelisted (on the 22nd of may so get your place before its too late!) Hope to see you soon, Triv! Owner!

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