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Status Offline
IP qc.mcs.cx
Port 25565
Players 0
Version §f§e§lConnect §a§l>§b§l>§c§l> §a§lJOIN! §r§6§l[§r§c§l5§r§7/§c§l200§r§6§l]
Country US
Owner BL0
Category Survival PvP  Economy MCMMO 
Website https://quarantine-craft.enjin.com
Discord https://discord.gg/vkAkJAH
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 657803 minute(s) ago

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WELCOME TO THE QUARANTINE CRAFT NETWORK.We are a Fantastic, New, Growing survival Minecraft Server with MUCH to offer. Here are just a few things that help provide a seamless , fun-filled experience. - Land Claims. - Anti-Cheat. - Minigames. - PvP. - McMMO. - Crates. - Economy. - Player Shops. .. And so much more. Ensuring the most fun-filled experience possible in Minecraft. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of enjoyment for all players.JOIN NOW FOR THE MOST FUN YOUVE HAD IN MINECRAFT. BECOME A PART OF OUR GROWING, FRIENDLY COMMUNITY.

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