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Status Offline
Port 2237
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country FR
Owner Rolandd70
Category Survival PvP Prison Skyblock Economy 
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Server's IP: Version: 1.13 Good Day dear Minecrafter and players! I am introducing My minecraft server for you which runs 24/7 [HighSurvival] you wanna play on a server that has nice friendly and helpful Staff? that has,Skyblock Survival, ranks, warps, events, SignShop, Trade, Zmod, Private signs, shop? this is your Server then! you can Survive there with your friends together, or even make friends on the Server! Build a house together or a big property and make it your own property so no one else can break or place blocks there with the Zmod. Events Will be running on The server every single day! from events you can earn worthy items that you can either sell for money, or keep it and use it up at the Survival! Events, such as parkour, and a Scary labyrinth! you can buy anything at the market, but some of them are quite expensive for example the enchant table. that is why we created a library so you can enchant your items there without crafting or buying an enchant table! if you are playing on the Server and you need help with anything, feel free to ask an online Staff by writing /helpop!(Staffs are online every day!) There are Rules on the Server obviusly. Rules like do not scam people and do not use Cheats! but you will find the Rules on the Server! There are Rules only for bad things. so for example when you playing on the Survival you can do whatever you want you can feel free to open a shop at your house, you can feel free to make a little skin competition, or a Question competition with your friends and with any other players on the server! :) This is a European Server so we expect players to speak English there in the main chat! obviusly if your mother language is not english you can still speak on your own language with you friends, but in /msg command please! We welcome every single players with a big warm Heart from this corner of the world to the other corner! :) Join HighSurvival Minecraft Server Today. Survive, make friends, enjoy, relax, laugh... Server's IP: Version: 1.13 Your sincerely! [Owner]Rolandd70

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