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Status Offline
IP WubCraft.NodeCraft.gg
Port 25565
Players 0
Version §f§eConnect §a>§b>§c> §a§lJOIN! §r§6§l[§r§c§l0§r§7/§c§l50§r§6§l]
Country XX
Owner WubbityWubWub
Category PvP Vanilla Skyblock Economy MCMMO 
Discord https://discord.gg/DjnDMtH
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 666483 minute(s) ago

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WubCraft is a Skyblock based server with a bunch of custom features! We a currently hosted so 24/7 uptime, no lag, etc. Our Features include: Skyblock (Obviously...) [Item] linking in game Auction House Crates Custom Enchants Envoys at Spawn Custom OreGeneration Custom Mines Funny Death Messages Obtainable Tags Custom GUIs Disguises LuckyBlocks Minions Mob Arena SellChest/SellWands Incentives to voting Safe trades to other players (/Trade) And much more! Our mission at WubCraft is to give our players a custom, enjoyable, and safe experience for our players. With doing that, we will be looking for staff members. Staff members will be chosen by playtime, knowledge of the server, ability to help others, and professionalism. Staff applications will be opening fairly soon. Website: WubCraft.org Shop: Shop.WubCraft.org Discord: Invite.gg/WubCraft

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