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Status Offline
IP idiot.serv.lol
Port 25579
Players 0
Version Paper 1.15.2
Country XX
Owner idiotonastic
Category No category selected.
Discord discord.gg/Hyz6aF3
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 763065 minute(s) ago

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Goliath MC: We aim to offer a relaxed environment to fit all types of players. Our staff are real people with real lives and will try to be on as much as possible. We have 4 game types rolled into one server:
  • Towny Survival
  • Skyblock Survival with custom challengesl
  • Creative Worldl
  • PvP Factions worldl
  • This server includes custom Plugins written by the server Owner Idiotonastic. Server rules can be a tricky thing but here's our attempt:
  • Be civil to other players and staff.l
  • Don't use a modified client to gain an unfair advantagel
  • Don't log out during PvPl
  • Do feel free to suggest improvements to the owner.l
  • No Griefing, except for in the Factions world.l
  • Some of our more Notable plugins include: MCMMO: allows you to play Minecraft as if it were an RPG, gaining levels and skill perks. Towny: facilitates players in creating and managing their town. Factions: Create a faction, hide your base, hunt other factions. Epic-Spawners: Allows editing, placing and stacking of mob spawners. Ultimate-Stacker: Stacks monsters and items in-game for smoother gameplay. Discord:

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