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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.12.2
Country US
Owner mewter
Category Survival PvP Skyblock Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 713602 minute(s) ago

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We offer Semi-OP skyblock features such as: Chunk Hoppers that suck up items in a chunk. Mob & Spawner stacker to reduce lag. Ore Generation from Cobblestone generator. Custom made Mining World for easy resources (with mobs tihi) An amazing Battlegrounds where you can fight and challenge others with your amazing pvp skills! Voting & Vote party rewards. To earn money you can set up Chest shops (seen at spawn shop) Along the way you'll recieve Shards which can be spent to obtain multiple uncommon rewards. Sell Wands! Just punch a chest with the wand and it sells everything inside it that has a value. Sell Chests! Wire this up to a mob/item farmer and it will sell items as soon as they go into this chest! Several Island Upgrades such as Size, Ore Generator, Island Member limit and the amount of homes you can have. Each day you login you get a reward that you have to claim from the "Rewards" at spawn. Ingame shop where you can purchase ANY block/item! UwU? they're pricy... Custom enchants that will help you along the Skyblock adventure! Spawn has a food pit that you can slaughter your own food! Q_Q Global Auctions! you can sell any item you have on it! Amazing Kits for each Rank! You will be able to get Miniatures (pets) to follow you around and make you look cuter :3 Be warned though, only ranked users can use Silk Touch on spawners... Q_Q Website: Discord:

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