[1.8.8] Sky Oasis

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Status Offline
IP play.skyoasis.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.15.2
Country US
Owner SkyOasis
Category Survival PvP Roleplay Skyblock MCMMO 
Discord https://discord.gg/ubrnEye
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 752388 minute(s) ago

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About ☁ Sky Oasis ☁: Sky Oasis is a highly competitive Skyblock & PvP server. It's owned and operated by a small team of long time players who strive to provide a friendly, fun, and competitive atmosphere. Custom Skyblock: 4 islands to choose from! (Not including the donator island) Island Upgrades - Upgrade your member amount, island size, amount of homes and even the ores your cobblestone generator generates! Co-Op Islands - Play with your friends! Island Levels - Competitive leveling system Island Rating - Give and receive rates for islands! Leaderboard for the top 10. Biomes - Change the biome of your island. Challenges - Complete challenges as your progress your island. Minions - Purchase minions to mine and build for you! Envoys: Every hour and a half as long as there's a minimum of 3 players online Envoy crates will spawn in the PvP zone. These crates contain anywhere from gold all the way up to donator ranks! 11-20 chests spawn so there's a good chance you can get one. Be careful though if you're killed and your head is dropped and your killer sells your head you lose 10% of your balance. Other Features: King of The Hill - (An event started when 3 people request it, winner will be rewarded a crate) Crates - (5 crates including a vote crate) GUI Shop Auction House Vote Parties Leaderboards Boss Battles (Find and get rewarded with boss eggs and spawn them at the arena for amazing loot!)

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