Land Of Odyssey

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Status Offline
Port 25585
Players 0
Version 1.15.2
Country US
Owner burke94
Category Survival PvP Vanilla Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 752294 minute(s) ago

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Land of Odyssey is a server trying to accomplish a fun, adventurous, satisfying and all around amazing experience for players while also raising the difficulty of survival and progression a bit. In this server, your starting health is 10 and you will be able to increase your health as you gain exp levels. You will struggle to find rare ore while mining and will be dropped into a rough economy with nothing but the thought of being successful on your adventure, in your mind. Aside from all of the struggles of achieving your goal, OUR main goal is to gain from you, the players, as much of a positive response as we can possibly earn. With that in mind, we plan for many great events and updates in the near and distant future on our journey to becoming a decently populated server full of great members with positive outlooks on our server. Currently the website is also under construction and we are still adding information on the forums, so please bare with us as we continue to get things rolling! As of right now, we will be hosting several events in celebration of Land of Odyssey's grand opening while we continue to improve the server and player experience with balancing and construction as the server moves towards being complete! For more info and updates regarding Land of Odyssey, Visit/join us at our website!

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