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It is very important that you understand the difference between mature staff and non-mature staff. The secret to having a successful server is having a happy community. Say your best friend Joe wants to be an Admin but you know that Joe is a pathological ­. The right decision is to not hire him. You need to realize this is a business, not a family get-together. Non-maturity in staff will drive people away. I can personally guarantee it. If staff members can properly assess a situation and make the proper decision that you seem fit, then its better to NOT have a staff. Whenever I hired staff, I did an immense screening process, where they would have to be of a certain age, theyd have to have a certain amount of skill, knowledge of the commands, a good personality, ect ect. Do NOT let anyone, unless you can trust them fully, hire people onto staff. Now, this is also important, I am a firm believer that power is corrupt, thus, absolute power is absolutely corrupt. Therefore, in each of my servers, I hired 2 Owners. These people need to be your best friends, and you need to be able to trust them with anything because they should have the same power, recognized or not, as you do. Even though its your server, they need in on it.

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