🗺️ Blame The Server 🗺️ PvE SMP | Small Community 🧡

🗺️ Blame The Server 🗺️ PvE SMP | Small Community 🧡 Minecraft banner

Server Information

Status Offline
IP blametheserver.nitrous.it
Port 25571
Players 0
Version 1.19.2
Country GB
Owner TripleDGames
Category Survival Whitelist Economy MCMMO Adventure 
Discord https://discord.gg/mTbpJpb
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 586727 minute(s) ago

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BLAME THE SERVER | Minecraft Version 1.14.4!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to play on a simple chilled out PvE server with a bunch of features? Welcome to what might be your favorite place to play. We offer a basic Survival world with no borders, go as far as you want or build right next to spawn. Your choice. There's also the Adventure World, where you can't place or destroy blocks. However, it features our many custom mobs and bounties that you can hunt to earn achievements, money and other rewards. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy eConomy? We feature an easy to use Player Shop rental system. Right click a sign to rent a plot of land for a couple months or more and build the shop of your dreams! Don't like the idea of travelling to player shops? You can use our global shop system, it features nearly every item in the game! However, it is pricey to encourage use of the Player Shops instead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy progression? In addition to the 14 main chat ranks (which we might be adding to in future) we also have QP (Quest Points). Earn quest points by completing the custom mob bounties that refresh daily/weekly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would love to see you join the server! Please join our discord through the discord link above and fill in the Whitelist application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you!

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