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Status Offline
Port 26543
Players 0
Version PaperSpigot 1.8.8
Country DE
Owner thelegend88
Category  Raiding Economy MCMMO 
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Last Ping 463641 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to CrystalSky faction server we are a new server so join now and grow before its too late. Server Features:- ★ Beautiful Spawn and Warzone - The floating spaceship spawn and the dystopia-themed warzone look spectacular! ★ Optimized Cannons - All the cannons that are built on this server are designed to work very similarly to the ones on 1.7. This means that water does not have a huge affect on the behavior of TNT. ★ 300+ Quests - You will always have something to do on the server. Not only are these quests fun to complete, they are also very rewarding. ★ Crates (4 Tiers, 140+ Rewards) - Crate keys can be used to open these crates and get a reward. Crate keys can be obtained through these ways: ◦ Defeating bosses in the warzone. ◦ Purchasing them from the warzone shop. ◦ Winning them from the daily reward. ◦ Purchasing them from the server store. ... many more. ★ Daily Reward - Players can open a crate every day to get some items. These items can be hoppers, creeper eggs, obsidian, crate keys and so much more. ★ Inventory Pets - These pets live in your inventory and give you some cool abilities. They also gain experience which increases their level. The higher the level, the better effect they give. [NEW] ★ Ability Armor (Cosmic Armor) - If a player wears a full set of an exclusive armor set, they will receive the special abilities the armor set grants. ★ Raiding Room (Raiding Tutorial) - Since factions is mostly about raiding, there is an area at spawn which is dedicated to teaching new players how to raid bases. This is only some of what the server offers

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