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Status Offline
Port 25571
Players 0
Version 1.12.2
Country US
Owner Zek
Category Survival  Faction Roleplay MCMMO 
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Welcome to Reigning Kingdoms, we have a multitude of opportunities and paths for you to choose from! Claim the throne your self in our game of thrones type themed server and become the ruler of the realm! Our builds and mobs have a Wynn craft feel about them. Fight our custom mobs we have over 100+! Fight gods, battle minions, destroy anything and anyone that wants to harm you, as well as that there are events constantly In action and our inversive storyline and RPG will definitely hook you in, Travel across the realm in our custom terraformed world and visit our amazingly built custom builds! With custom lore and weapons fight everyone and everything claim the world as your own and defend what is yours. Rise your guild up from the bottom, battle other guilds rage war against those that oppose you betray and ally with others and take on the world as you see fit. Grind the custom enchants obliterate foes, literally hit them with lightning! Grind up MCMMO, Slimefun, our tinkers construct feature! Custom drops! Custom items, Envoys and much more! Travel to the hell dimension take on waves of mobs. Raid or pillage everyone, we have custom classes which offer different abilities and paths for you to choose from, Assassin, Knight, Barbarian, Pirate, Mage, Necromancer, Bard, Monk, Alchemist. Always strive for the best let wealth and power consume you be the ruler be the god slayer be the top dog. Find your character on Reigning Kingdoms, we can’t wait to see you on.

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