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Port 26565
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Version Spigot 1.13.2
Country DE
Owner Vaerlisia
Category Roleplay Towny Whitelist Economy MCMMO 
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Background Synopsis Our world, Vaerlisia is home to a variety of sentient creatures, from the familiar Humans, Drow, Orcs, Wood Elves and Dwarves, to the sui generis Musa, Alkry, Plucks and Distaw. The islands were birthed as a result of a great calamitous event, which tossed the realm into disarray, causing wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes and flooding, leaving a limited habitable archipelago for the survivors to settle. The instability has been quelled, and though the true culprit remains unknown, there has been a clear change in the forces above, a pair of once-mortals, Zhanes and Thanes have replaced the aspects of Sun and Moon, and now serve as guardians amongst the dwindled divine assemblage. Dark and Light magics, whimsical beasts and much more await those who venture into the yet unexplored world of Vaersalia, and you? You are a refugee of this land, you awaken with no memory of the cataclysmic event, no possessions save for the clothes that have kept you warm during your journey, now tasked with exploring, and repopulating the ruined land… Create settlements and rule, seek the greater power of magic, or simply do your best to survive, it is your story to tell. When you play on Vaerlisia we urge you to develop your character, based on a background that you can make yourself that also fits into the server lore. Preferably before you start playing you should choose a fitting character name and nickname. You can use the /nickname command to give yourself an appropriate character name, most usually the first name of the character. As you play, you can think of the characters background story and post it in the Character bio section on our Forums. Once you have a biography, you can seek to learn magic, or if you have companions you can progress to create a town of your own. Rules The rules of conduct on the server and on this website are presented in this post: Discord Whitelist Today

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