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ColossalPvP - The Best Throwback Factions Experience Join now on (make this red) Goal: The goal of ColossalPvP was to create a Factions PvP experience with a nostalgic feeling from a few years back, where it is easy for anybody to acquire the best items without having to pay money to the server. This goal is something we at ColossalPvP are passionate about, and will strive to improve on and maintain this goal by listening to our player base regarding their suggestions and criticisms. About ColossalPvP: As our goal was to provide a balanced and nostalgic Factions PvP experience, we have developed our server in a way that will hopefully provide that experience: - We are using old school factions, so none of those new complicated faction commands - Old School PvP experience where the main place to fight players is around spawn - All items are attainable regardless of your rank, with Protection IV armor being the best, meaning you wouldn't have to buy something like Protection X from the store, which you wouldn't be able to enchant In addition to the few old school features we have mentioned, we also added some features which we thought would enhance gameplay without destroying the nostalgic factions experience: - Supply Crate events where supply crates will randomly drop around spawn (in the warzone) every few hours - Casino area where you can try to double your money Note: These are just some of the awesome features we have to offer on our server. You can see for yourself and connect using the ip:

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