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== GlobalNation == > <Quests:Complete quests every 1,3, and 7 days! Unlock more quests by completing quests to earn quest points and in-game cash. Quest points are used to unlock more and in-game cash is used at the store we have provided.Voting Sytem:We have a unique voting system. Players can vote up to 5 times day, earning $5 in-game cash each vote. We also have a lucky voting system with a percentage of earning extra money each vote. Voting a total of 'x' times also earns the player extra in-game cash.Member Ranks:We want the non-donors to be a part of the community, so we have Member Ranks which are only available for Members. Member ranks, such as [AdvMember], [ProMember], and [TopMember], can be bought using in-game cash at the "Member Ranks" NPC we have at spawn.Donator Ranks:Of course it costs money to run a server, so we have available donation ranks. Prices range from $10-$85, but the ranks last forever! Each donator rank has their own prefix, color, permissions, and kit! Check out our donation store. All donations we receieve go directly toward improving the server.Stats/Levels:We have a custom stats and levels plugin regarding a players pvp rate. The 'stats' keep track of the players kills, deaths, killstreak, and a kill/death ratio. The level system we have provides the players 'pvp skill,' or how many kills they may have. Each kill a player gets, they get 1 point. Every death they get, they loose 0.5 points. It takes 10 points a level. The maximum level is 500.Shop Manager:We have a shop regarding all types of things. Money is very helpful. You can get money by killing players ($2), voting ($5 a vote), or by doing quests. The shop includes things such as potions, donor kits (single use per buy), crate keys, and god apples. The shop manager will help you while you are in combat!Crates:We have a custom crates plugin that allows players to get valuable items. Items in the crate contain (Common - Legendary). Crate keys can be bought using in-game cash at the shop manager. Test your luck!Website: [url=][/url]Donate: [url][/url]Server IP:

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