Telnia 1.8-1.13

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Status Offline
Port 27388
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.8.8
Country US
Owner Xyrella
Category Survival PvP Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 754302 minute(s) ago

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▪ Grief [Protection] | All players will start with a shovel to start protecting their homes in the survival world, it has a tutorial too. ▪ 7x | Total kits including donor kits, newbie, etc... ▪ Preview kits | Preview all kits with /kits or /kit to see the contents of each kit. ▪ MCMMO [Points] | Players will be able to buy/get mcmmo points on crates/shop and redeem them in the /redeem menu. ▪ Pets | Exclusive pet perks for donators, limited slots, etc.. ▪ Quests | More than x190 quests to complete. ▪ Portal | Custom portal with sounds to teleport to the survival world "random teleport". ▪ Plots | Plots world with custom roads. ▪ Armorstands | The entire spawn it's decorated with armor stands. ▪ Images | Images decorating each zone, portal, crate zone and you won't need any resource pack to see them ▪ 3x | Crates with more than four rows each, vote crate, rare crate and legendary crate. ▪ Particles | Particles around the main world/NPCs ▪ Bounties | Custom zone for the bounties menu, on you'll be able to see all currently bounties with his price, etc... ▪ Combat tag | You won't be able to leave the combat disconnecting or with commands ▪ Enchantments | Custom enchantments w/a custom menu ▪ Jobs | Custom menu for joining/leaving jobs ▪ Fishing | Fish custom fishes in the fish zone inside the main world and sell them to the NPC ▪ Silkspawner | w/custom messages  ▪ Auction | Auction with custom messages and colors on the main menu ▪ Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink has different chances ▪ Shop | Main shop to buy and sell items at spawn. ▪ Trading system | Trade system for all players, using /trade <player> will let you trade with the other player. ▪ Vote system | When voteparty reach the limit, it will open to all players a vote crate.

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